Types of Infographics

Infographics are hot! It is a new and maybe even the best way to give information and draw more interested people to your website. Why is it a good idea to hire an infographic designer? Instead of long and fluffy texts, readers are more like to understand what you mean when infographics are used. Do you know the adagio ‘one image says more than a thousand words’?

Types of Infographics

An infographic is an image with text in one and is an abbreviation for information and graphic. It is meant to inform the reader which is the main goal of the information graphic. The bid advantage is that they can be easily spread across the world wide web using social media platforms. More and more companies around the world tend to use infographics in their content marketing strategy.

There are a few types of infographics available. Every type of infographic has its own target audience and purpose. Comparison infographics can be used to compare two or more products where a timeline infographic is used in displaying a development over time. Think about the history of your company. A geographical infographic is used in situations where a location in the world is the main topic. There is an infographic that suits any situation for which you are looking to give information in bite sized parts.

timeline infographic
This type of infographic is the timeline infographic


What types of infographics are there?

  • Comparison infographic – a common type of infographic. Display the difference in products, services, ideas and a lot more. A webshop can use this to show the differences between products they sell. Explaining differences using text might take up to 1000 words. With a comparison infographic the reader can see it in a nick of time.
  • Process infographic – another well known type. This type is used in explaining how something works, like the procedure in a company or production line. Usually a lot of words in text are necessary explain a process. Now all it takes is one image.


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