Infographic – What is an Infographic?

Infographics, you might already have heard about them. But what does ‘infographic‘ mean? What can you do with infographics?

Infographic – What is an Infographic?

Infographic is an abbreviation of two words: ‘information‘ and ‘graphics‘. An infographic informs the reader by using images, and usually accompanied by text. Especially in the United States of America information graphics are widely used in both print and online. Images like these can show information in an easy to read way.

Are charts infographics too?

No, charts are not infographics. Often charts are as visually appealing as infographics are, but is isn’t the case as normal. An infographic is meant to inform the reader, not just to show information in a chart.

What do infographics contain?

An infographic can contain different types of information. For example information about how your business works. It can also display a personal portfolio or maybe even the product range your company is offering. Maybe a comparison chart of that product range? Another infographic can show interested people a timeline of how the company has evolved over time.

Why choose an infographic

In most western countries, infographics are very common. But why would you even invest money in creating an infographic? An information graphic is a good way to retain your website visitors on your website by informing them important and relevant information. A piece of text can lose the attention of the reader very fast. But because the human brain is better in processing information from images, infographics are a great substitute for text.

Infographical content can also be shared on social media platforms. This means that someone that like what he reads is able to bring it to attention to their connections in both the personal as professional life.

Where to get an infographic for your website

You can create infographics yourself, but you might not know the things you need to know and that can be very tricky.

An option is to find an infographic designer to do the work for you. You come up with the idea in a raw sketch, a research paper that holds a conclusion, or another source to create the infographic about. The designer will get to work and two weeks later your large infographic is ready. This will ask for an investment in the range of $800 to $2500, depending on the size and the amount of information.

The final and maybe the most affordable options is to use royalty free infographics. These can be found in our marketplace at Infographics are usually sold only once when the designer is hired by a company to create one. On the infographics are sold more than once and that simply means that the price per individual is a lot lower.

Browse the categories on our marketplace and decide if that is the option that suits your needs. Our designers sell their infographics with a royalty free license or an extended license. We have a special page explaining the difference.

infographic what is an infographic
Infographics – What is an Infographic

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